Counterflow Fill

13. Counterflow Fill

Counterflow Fill kits include fill, supports, hardware, and installation instructions for easy installation.

EVAPCO’s patented design provides superior heat transfer through its unique cross-fluted counterflow pattern.

Lightweight for easy installation, yet durable enough to be used as a working platform.

Manufactured from inert PVC suited for temperatures up to 130°F/54°C. Also available in HPVC for temperatures from 130°F/54°C to 150°F/66°C, surge up to 160°F/71°C applications.

Material is self-extinguishing with a flame spread of 5 per ASTM E84-819.

Anti-fouling fill also available for poor water quality. See the Counterflow Fill flyer for more information. Replace existing fill or add fill (when possible) to improve thermal performance. Increased efficiency and capacity will reduce operating costs and maintenance. EVAPCO will custom design and manufacture fill for all forced draft equipment regardless of the original manufacturer.