Super Low Sound Fans

33. Super Low Sound Fans

EVAPCO’s Fans, our Super Low Sound Fans (SLSF),
are one-piece molded heavy duty FRP construction utilizing
a forward swept wide chord blade design.

Available for all AT, USS & REP cooling towers, ATW & ESW
fluid coolers and ATC condensers. Consult the factory for availability
on non-EVAPCO units.

9-15 dB(A) sound reduction versus standard fans!

Super Low Sound Fans (SLSF) are available in a retrofit kit or
EVAPCO can supply a complete new fan section for easy installation.
See the Low Sound Solutions flyer below for more information on
EVAPCO Super Low Sound Fans (SLSF), Low Sound Fans,
Fan Discharge Attenuation and Water Silencers.