ZM II Nozzle

Schedule 40 PVC piping with ABS plastic nozzles for corrosion protection.

Nozzles have a minimum opening of .375″ x 1″ and are practically impossible to clog.

Anti-sludge ring on nozzles prevent sediment from clogging nozzle opening.

Threaded end caps on spray branches allow for easy debris removal.

Optional galvanized or stainless steel piping available.


100% thermal performance with Zero nozzle Maintenance.

Fixed position nozzle with no moving parts eliminates need to repair and replace expensive rotating nozzles.

Molded from heavy duty nylon for 100% corrosion protection.

Large 1.3125” nozzle opening and clearance between nozzle and water diverter plate of 1.5” prevents clogging of debris.

Reduces total number of nozzles required by 75% while retaining 100% thermal performance.